Two Africa Presidents Praise Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

South Africa President Jacob Zuma has praised Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte saying he’s the most humble president of the modern days.Speaking during bilateral talks with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe,Zuma has said that Duterte is one the most celebrated President for his tireless efforts on war against drug-trafficking in Philippines.

“We are appreciating Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte for his unrelenting efforts on war against drug-lords in Philippines,fighting drugs in a country is not an easy task,we have tried but for Duterte is the real hero and humble,his war is unbearable and that’s why some incompetent leaders in Philippines government are now resigning since they cannot withstand the heat,” said South Africa President Jacob Zuma.

On his part,Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has praised Duterte and urged him not to be threatened by ineffective people like Leni and Delima.”Mr.Duterte is doing it right way,in fact we are going to seek advice from him,all what we see in Duterte is reforms,Philippines has changed since the day duterte assumed the office and he should not be threatened by noisemakers and crying babies like Leni and Leila,” he remarked.