Trump-Loida Lewis: Calm Your Clitoris, Duterte Is A Role Model

NEW YORK–President-elect Mr.Donald Trump has this morning blasted Filipino American Community Leader, Loida Nicolas Lewis for what he calls as ‘ignorance of a woman’

Wishing the Americans a merry Christmas,Trump urged all world leaders and who have sinned to go and repent during this Christmas season. He mentioned Loida,Philippines Senator Leila de Lima,Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta,Zimbabwe President Mr.Robert Mugabe among others as the most evil individuals around the globe. “I want to tell Loida and her fellow sinners that they should take this Christmas as an opportunity to repent their sins,people like Loida, Leila, Kenyatta of Kenya and Mugabe of Zimbabwe are the biggest agents of Satan in this world, they have opposed everything that is meant to help the poor,” said Trump.

However,the President insisted that the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte should be given time to deliver to his people and that people like Loida and Leila de Lima should keep off Philippines affair. “Loida and her fellow asshole Leila de Lima should calm their clitoris and give Duterte sufficient time to serve his people because we know he has the capacityM, he is a role model to many including myself,” Trump Remarked.