Trump: I Give Jammeh 24 Hours To Leave The Office, Ignore The Court

BANJUL–US President-elect Mr.Donald Trump has for the second time talked over the ongoing elections crises in Gambia.

Mr.Trump has given the Gambia President Yahya Jammeh an ultimatum of twenty four hours as at 7:45 AM EST on Monday, January 9 to immediately leave the office before he works on him.

“I hear the Gambia dictator Jammeh has refused to leave the office, we did not want to interfere with Africa affair but since we are informed Nigerian mercenaries have successfully bribed the court to rule in favor of Jammeh, our strong military will be forced to intervene.The will of the majority must be respected and no shortcuts,” said Donald Trump.

The President said that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) should not even think of deploying its military since the only problem is Jammeh. “ECOWAS should forget using its military on this, Jammeh is the problem and the Gambians will not shed blood due to his greediness, we are giving him twenty-four hours to leave the office or else face the wrath of Donald Trump, to me Jammeh is just like a tick mounting an elephant with a motive of rape,” Trump Remarked.

After more than two decades in power, Jammeh, 51, lost a December 1 election to Barrow, a former real-estate agent.

After initially accepting the result, Jammeh later rejected it, alleging irregularities, and filed a petition to the Supreme Court which is due to be reviewed on January 10.

Barrow has insisted he will take office nine days later, as planned, with ECOWAS leaders set to attend the ceremony.