Indian Witch: Sen. Leila De Lima Paid Me $5,000 To Confuse Duterte

An Indian Witch has this evening confessed that the embattled Philippines senator Leila De Lima had requested him to use his dark forces to stop her case in ongoing anti-drugs war in the Philippines.

Speaking to our reporters from Manila, the Manila based Magician Sigh Maalim asked Leila De Lima to pay him the remaining amount since the time they agreed has passed.”I plead with senator Leila to pay me the remaining $1,000 since i have done what we agreed and i’m getting impatient,i want what belongs to me,” he said.

According to Sigh,he was tasked with bringing confusion in Duterte’s government which was meant to derail President Duterte’s efforts on war against drugs,Duterte allies were to turn against him and the investigators and judges would have stood with Leila De Lima immediately after his agreement is honored.

Senator Leila is said to have declined to pay the remaining amount claiming the work is not fully done.