Donald Trump: Only A Fool Like Leni Can Resign When Is Fired

US President-elect Donald Trump has criticized Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo over her “resignation.”

Speaking on Monday Morning,Trump said Leni should not play with minds of the Filipinos but instead state exactly what happened since she was fired on basis of ineffective.

“Philippines Vice President who was discharged from her duties by the Philippines government over incompetence should come out clearly and tell Filipinos that she did not resign,only a fool can resign when is fired.You can not resign when you are already fired,” said Trump

According to Trump,Leni was fired following a report from her inner circles that she is part of drug lords in the Philippines and she has been an obstacle in Duterte’s anti-drugs war campaign.

“The lady was fired after reports reached the office of the President that she’s in-collaboration with Sen.Leile de Lima and other drug lords in the Philippines to undermine Duterte’s efforts on war against drugstrafficking,” he remarked.

The Vice President had earlier lied to the media that she has willingly resigned from her post following “differences” with the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.