Donald Trump: Museveni Is An Idiot Oppressing Ugandans

KAMPALA–President-elect Mr.Donald Trump has blasted Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni over what he calls as dictatorship without limit.

Speaking during an interview with the press, Trump expressed his feelings on Africa leadership and quoted three Africa Presidents who are believed to be oppressing their people through government mercenaries, he said the Zimbabwe’s President Mr.Robert Mugabe, Gambia President Mr.Yahye Jammeh and Mr. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda are the serious problem of Southern Africa, Western Africa and Eastern Africa respectively. “Africa with President Mugabe,Museveni and Jammeh is headed to the grave, the three boys are out to oppress their people. They have conditioned their citizens to believe that they are the only hope for their countries,” Said Trump.

Trump was reacting on news that leaders from Rwenzori region in Uganda went to apologize to President Museveni over the insurgency that the Rwenzururu royal guards caused to the government forces. He claimed Museveni should be the one apologizing for killing innocent unarmed civilians. “We are shocked that instead of Museveni apologizing over the Kasese killings, few leaders were forced to go and kneel down before him, the idiot has oppressed his people and they can not rescue themselves from his oppression not unless they vote against him,” Trump remarked.

The leaders were meeting with the president on Sunday evening when they admitted in a written letter, the constant harassment and attacks on police in different parts of the region.The meeting was attended by Mumbere’s wife, Chief Prince C. Kibanzaga, Prince William Kibanzaga, and Mumbere’s mother among others.They admitted that if they had heed to the president’s directive of surrendering royal guards, the clash with security couldn’t have happened.

Over 100 people reportedly died in the fight, many others were left seriously injured and over 150 were arrested.

They are now battling various charges including terrorism and treason in courts of law pending trial.