Donald Trump: It Will Take Filipinos 50 Years To Get Another Duterte

MANILA–USA President-elect Mr.Donald Trump has this morning warned all Filipinos over losing President Rodrigo Duterte saying it will take Philippines five decades to get another wise-man like Duterte.

The president-elect trotted out this open fact during an interview,even though members of the Liberal Party believes they can do better than Duterte. Trump asked members of the Liberal party to put aside their self-interests and serve the people of Philippines at this time they are having vocal President, “All selfish leaders and who believes can do better than Duterte should be told openly that Duterte is the only man who will take Filipinos from grass to grace,they purport to be good leaders when they are unable to manage their husbands at home,” said Mr.Trump

“It will take Philippines five decades to get someone who is intelligent,passionate,a hard-worker and firm like President Duterte, lose Duterte and regret for fifty years,” he remarked.

According to several news outlets, some members of Liberal Party want President Duterte to resign which according to many Filipinos is close to impossible.