Breaking!! Sen.Laile Delima Banned From UK

MANILA—Philippines senator Laila De Lima has been banned from going to United Kingdom.

The Prime minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May has banned Philippines Senator Laile Delima from going to United Kingdom over drugs allegations. Addressing media this evening,the Prime minister has said that the UK will not tolerate corrupt and drug dealers in its territories, “We are not going to allow any corrupt and drug dealer in this country,I hear Philippines leaders led by the ‘asshole’ senator laile delima are the real drug lords,we have issued a letter through foreign minister to ban Senator Laile Delima and the co from coming to UK,” She remarked .

The United Kingdom imposed the ban on visas for Laila De Lima this week in accordance with the legislation, which cancels or denies visas to anyone engaging in, associated with, or benefiting from, corruption or drugs-trafficking.

Many Filipinos are angry with De Lima, saying she is an embarrassment to the country of the Philippines.